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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor

Roof waterproofing systems will protect your commercial or industrial structure from destructive water leaks. Our Grand Rapids roofing company will inspect your roof and identify existing or potential leaks. A roof leak can be present without obvious visible damage to the interior. Long term hidden damage can lead to costly rot, decay and mold remediation. Roof waterproofing will extend the life of your roof and save you the cost of roofing repairs or replacement. We install a variety of waterproofing systems and can provide a solution for your specific roof condition. 

Waterproofing System Manufacturers

  • Kemperol
  • Sarnafil

Kemperol Waterproofing is a liquid applied waterproofing system formulated from polyurethane resin. The waterproofing product is ideal for roof decks and green roofing projects. Kemper is the only manufacturer of odorless and solvent free resins. 

Sarnafil has been manufacturing roof waterproofing systems for 45 years. Their waterproofing membranes and flashings are self-adhering and can be installed faster than other roof systems — a critical component if your commercial or industrial roof is damaged or leaking. They have a variety of membrane and grid waterproofing systems to fit the needs of your building.  

If you are looking for roofing repairs or updating the current use of your roof, waterproofing systems can protect your building while helping to transform your roof.  Green roof installations, roof decks and photovoltaic solar panels should only be constructed onto a roof in proper condition, since removing these upgrades can make even a simple roof repair costly and complicated. 

Is your roof leaking?  Do you want to use the roof space on your commercial or industrial building? J&L Roofing has over 50 years of experience in roof installation and maintenance. You can count on us for all of your roofing needs.